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AT Tents

More shelters are built along the AT every year. Eventually you will be able to hike from one shelter to the next without having to put up a tent. Till then, a tent is still a primary piece of gear you will need for your thru hike of the AT.

A good three season tent, like the ones you will see below are perfect for the AT. Consider the features you want in a tent. If you are hiking with a buddy, a tent with doors on both side of the tent make it easier to get in and out. A tent with less poles or clip construction will be faster and easier to set up than a tent with sleeves. If you are weight concious, you can go as light as a tarp that weighs ounces for your shelter. The key is finding what will be the best combination of features, weight, and confort. Take some time to set your tent up and use it a few times before you hit the trail.

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Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2

Big Agnes Scout UL2 Tent - 2 Person

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL 1 Tent

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 Tent

Big Agnes Slater UL1+ Tent - 1 Person

Big Agnes Slater UL2+ Tent - 2 Person

Grand Trunk Nano 7 Hammock

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock

Marmot Starlight 1P Tent - 1 Person

Marmot Stormlight 2P Tent - 2 Person Closeout
Was $298.01
Sale $229.97

Marmot Tungsten 1P Tent - 1 Person

Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent - 2 Person
Was $198.01
Sale $158.97

Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent - 3 Person
Was $248.01
Sale $198.41

Marmot Tungsten 4P Tent - 4 Person

Marmot Turret 3P Tent - 3 Person Closeout
Was $428.01
Sale $342.41

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent -2 Person

MSR Hubba NX Tent - 1 Person

MSR Papa Hubba NX Tent - 4 Person