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AT Footwear

If you are just starting your search for footwear to thru hike the AT, take comfort in knowing the days of heavy bulky footwear are behind us. Modern shoes and boots are much lighter and comfortable then they were just 10 years ago. Below you will find our most popular models for Appalachian Trail Thru Hiking.

Most Appalachian Trail thru hikers will start the trail with a mid-top boot. As these hikers gain experience and refine their pack weights they will typically transition into a low top trail shoe. The general rule thumb is as follows: If your pack weight is over 25 pounds, you probably want a light weight boot. If your pack weight is 25 pounds or less you can give a low top a try. These rules are not set in stone, just general recommendations for the health and safety of your feet. Take the time to decide on a good set of footwear and break them in. Also know you will probably require multiple pairs of shoes to cover the full distance of the trail.

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