Eureka Glide 51 Lantern

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Eureka Glide 51 Lantern

The Eureka Glide 51 Lantern is a bright LED handheld light that can hang as a lantern in your tent, or collapse and transform into a flashlight to brighten your path. This Eureka Lantern provides 51 lumens of lighting with its 1 x Luxeon Rebel 90 White regulated circuit led. Using only 1 watt of electricity, the Glide 51 delivers twice the light of similar lanterns while still keeping a run time of 12 hrs! The reflector cone disperses light onto a large area while in lantern mode, yet with a push of the top-mounted LED housing it transforms into flashlight mode and delivers a powerful beam of light. The Eureka Glide 51 Lantern also features lever-style on/off switch in base for ease of use. Made with a aluminum housing with an anodized finish for durability, this Eureka light can take a real beating and keep on going. Additional features include a polymer C-hook in the base for hanging and a carry strap with carabineer-style clip. The Eureka Glide 51 Lantern is truly a versatile lighting system that's built especially for outdoor living.

Eureka Glide 51 Lantern Key Features

  • Telescopic expanding housing enables transformation from flashlight to area lantern
  • Lever-style on/off switch in base
  • Aluminum housing with anodized finish for durability
  • 3 AAA DURACELL® batteries included
  • Collimator efficiently creates a focused penetrating square flashlight beam
  • Polymer C-hook in base for hanging
  • Carry strap and carabiner-style clip included