GoPro Gooseneck Mount

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GoPro Gooseneck Mount

The GoPro Gooseneck Mount works with a variety of GoPro mounts to add flexibility and angle adjustability to any shooting situation. Measuring 8 inches in length, the Gooseneck bends to capture a wide range of perspectives. Clip your GoPro Hero camera into the top of the Goose Neck and attach the bottom into virtually any other GoPro mount such as the Suction Cup, the Jaws Flex Clamp, Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts and more. Or take it off the mount entirely and use the Gooseneck as a handheld camera grip. For the ultimate in adjustment, multiple Gooseneck mounts can be attached together for one long, flexible mount. Don't be locked down with one shooting perspective with the GoPro Gooseneck Mount.

GoPro Gooseneck Mount Key Features

  • Delivers versatile camera-angle adjustability to capture a wide range of perspectives
  • Doubles as an adjustable handheld camera grip
  • Ideal for capturing hard-to-reach shots around corners or over obstacles
  • Can be attached to any GoPro mount that features a quick release base
  • Makes it possible to elevate the camera above the mounting surface to achieve a higher perspective
  • Multiple Goosenecks can be joined together for longer reach and greater flexibility