Katadyn Ceradyn Filter Element

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Katadyn Ceradyn Filter Element

The Katadyn Ceradyn Filter Element is a replacement filter for the Drip Ceradyn. Designed to trap harmful bacteria and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, the Ceradyn ceramic micro filter filters elements greater than 0.2 microns. This Katadyn filter is microporous and washable and the silver-impregnated Ceramic inhibits the growth of bacteria. Silver quartz inside the element controls any possible recontamination through the tab outlet. The Katadyn Ceradyn Filter Element provides you with fresh and natural tasting drinking water without using chemicals.

Katadyn Ceradyn Filter Element Key Features

  • Replacement for the Drip Ceradyn Water Filter Unit
  • Katadyn silver is permanently incorporated into the ceramic
  • Measuring gauge to control service life
  • 0.0002 mm (0.2 micron) ceramic microfilter
  • 99.99% removal of protozoa (i.e. Cryptosporidium p. and Giardia I.)
  • Clean element every second month and completely air dry, can be cleaned up to 100 times
  • Silver quarts in the core of the filter works against bacteria recontamination from the outlet tap
  • Traps all harmful bacteria and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • 99.9999% removal of pathogenic bacteria (i.e. Klebsilla and Vibrio cholera)
  • No removal of essential minerals

Katadyn Ceradyn Filter Element Specifications

Capacity ~13000 gal (50000 L)
Dimensions 10.4 x 2.2 in (26.5 x 5.5 cm)
Technology 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter (cleanable)
Weight 18.34 oz (520 g)