Mountain House Noodles & Chicken

Mountain House Noodles & Chicken
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Mountain House Noodles & Chicken

The Mountain House Noodles and Chicken is a simple filling dish perfect for a lunch or even dinner while undertaking any daily adventure. Sweet red peppers, chicken and egg noodles, blended with Mountain house's own seasoning recipe is what awaits you in the pouch. So make sure you order a pouch of Noodles and Chicken as even the pickiest of eaters should enjoy it. Mountain House Noodles and chicken is the perfect meal for your next trip.

Mountain House Noodles & Chicken Key Features

  • Pkg. Net Wt.(oz)=4.73
  • Serving Size=1/2 pouch
  • From Fat=50
  • Saturated Fat=2
  • Cholesterol=50
  • Carbos=41
  • Sugars=2
  • Servings per Pkg=2
  • Total Calories=270
  • Total Fat=6
  • Transfat Acid=0
  • Sodium=1230
  • Dietary Fiber=2
  • Protein=12