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MSR Stoves, Tents & Cookware

MSR (Mountain Safety Research) designs, manufactures and markets innovative adventure gear for outdoor enthusiasts. The ever-growing MSR product line is most popular with mountaineers, backpackers and campers. MSR tents including the Hubba Hubba are the prized possessions of mountaineers and campers alike. MSR stoves and cookware lead the industry in innovation and durability. When you need gear that performs as promised, you want MSR.

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MSR 2 Person Mess Kit

MSR Alpine Bowl

MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

MSR Alpine Dish Brush/Scraper

MSR Alpine Folding Utensils
$5.95 - 16.95

MSR Alpine Kitchen Set

MSR Alpine Teapot

MSR Autoflow Filter Cartridge

MSR Base 2 Pot Set

MSR Dragonfly Pump

MSR DragonFly Stove

MSR Dromedary Bags
$29.95 - 44.95

MSR DromLite Bags
$29.95 - 32.95

MSR Elixir 2 Tent

MSR Elixir 3 Tent

MSR Fabric Repair Kit