MSR Whisperlite Universal Stove

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MSR Whisperlite Universal Stove

A hybrid stove built to combine canister fuel and liquid fuel capabilities , the MSR Whisperlite Universal Stove is a lightweight and compact system that does it all. The upgraded Whisperlight chassis provides a lighter weight, improved stability, and simplified maintenance for easy use in the backcountry. Designed to use anything from kerosene and gasoline to liquid fuel and canister fuel, the Whisperlite Universalburns just about any fuel that you're likely to find anywhere. Designed to be maintained in the backcountry, the shaker Jet technology ensures that the stove jet can be easily cleaned by a simple shake. Perfect for global trotters and adventure travelers, the Whisperlite Universal Stove was designed to do it all, with ease.

MSR Whisperlite Universal Stove Key Features

  • Hybrid-Fuel Performance: Patent pending AirControl™ technology creates the optimal fuel/air mix for top-notch performance with canister fuel, white gas, kerosene and unleaded gasoline
  • Lightweight: Aluminum mixer tube, extra-stable stainless steel legs and refined design keep weight to a minimum
  • Field Maintainable: Self-cleaning Shaker Jet technology and redesigned leg assembly facilitate fast cleaning and even easier maintenance in the field
  • Canister Liquid Feed: Delivers better cold weather and low-fuel performance with a more consistent output over the life of each canister. Canister stand Included
  • Easy Transitions: Liquid and canister fuel couplers pair with fuel-specific jets for quick and easy transitions

Whisperlite Universal stove features

MSR Whisperlite Universal stove features