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PackTowl Packtowl Ultralite Towel

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PackTowl Packtowl Ultralite Towel

The MSR PackTowl Ultralite is the perfect balance between lightweight and ultimate aborbency. This MSR towel absorbs four times its weight in water and dries extremely fast. With just a couple of wrings the towel is ready to be used once again. Made from a tough poly/nylon combination the MSR Packtowl Ultralite is extremely durable, lightweight, and absorbent. As for washing the towel, it is as simple as throwing it in the washer and letting it air dry. With the largest of the MSR Packtowl Ultralite towels weighing under four ounces, (3.1oz/89g) there is no reason this towel shouldn't be in your pack.

PackTowl Packtowl Ultralite Towel Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • 4X Absorbency
  • Easy Care: machine wash/hang dry
  • Rapid-Cycle Drying
  • Durable: tough poly/nylon blend