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Sea to Summit TravellingLight TSA Travel Locks

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Sea to Summit TravellingLight TSA Travel Locks

The Sea to Summit TravellingLight TSA Travel Locks lets you lock up your luggage with confidence that no one will get in there who's not supposed to. The TravellingLight TSA Travel Lock is durable and sturdy enough to keep out those you don't want searching through your luggage. But for those lucky few who get their luggage searched, rest assure you won't need a new lock after you get back home. That's because the TravellingLight TSA Travel Locks are Travel Sentry certified. What that means that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) baggage screeners have a secured set of codes and tools to open this Sea to Summit lock without damaging the lock. Travel safe and secure with the Sea to Summit TravellingLight TSA Travel Lock. Please not that the above image shows a three versions of the TravellingLight TSA Travel Locks. On the left is Combination Cable Center is the Cardkey Version and on the right the Basic Combination version.

Sea to Summit TravellingLight TSA Travel Locks Key Features

  • TSA Travel Lock Combination
  • Travel Lock Combo Cable
  • TSA Travel Lock Cardkey
  • A lightweight three-dial combination lock, perfect for lockable zip sliders and joining most double-pull zips. TSA
  • Adds versatility for oversize zips or unusual closures and keeping several bags together.
  • A very lightweight lock with cable which uses a credit card and key-ring sized key-cards you keep in your wallet or travel documents.