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Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife C91

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Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife C91

The Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife C91 is a revolutionary design in rust proof knives that features the futuristic H1 Steel alloy that is perfect for the dry or wet conditions. C91 Pacific Salt Knife has a more rounded tip that's a bit thicker at the point easily tackles the requirements of cutting chores associated with boating and fishing. The Spyderco Round Hole is increased in diameter to 14mm facilitating easier access for gloved or wet hands. All inside/outside steel components (lock bar, pins and clip) have been treated making them impervious to rust and pitting. Volcano Grip texturing covers both sides of the Spyderco C91 Pacific Salt Knife FRN handle for friction-resistance to slipping. David Boye's locking lever dent is a standard feature that inhibits the lock from accidental release if the handle is gripped with great force. A matching black titanium pocket clip positions for left/right tip-up portability. A hole running through the hollow clip screw makes a lanyard pipe for stringing thong or cord through when using around water. Say goodbye to rust forever with the killer style and versatility of the Spyderco C91 Pacific Salt Knife .

Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife C91 Key Features

  • A big myth in the knife world is that out there somewhere is a knife that seriously cuts but cannot rust. Knives claiming these super powers are usually made with steels that are unable to hold a cutting edge for any measurable amount of time. Finally a steel foundry in Japan called Myodo Foundry makes this myth a reality with the introduction of a new steel called H1. H1 steel is a PH steel, meaning it is a precipitation-hardened steel. "Huh" you ask? Utilizing .1% nitrogen instead of carbon to harden the steel, it reaches a Rockwell hardness of 57-58rc. Spyderco uses H1 on its new C91 Pacific Salt model.