Werner Paddles Kalliste Paddle

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Werner Paddles Kalliste Paddle

The Werner Paddles Kalliste Paddle is specifically designed for low angle paddling. Performance core blades provide a buoyant, lightweight, and quiet stroke, while their mid-size provides a smooth easy stroke that is easy on the joints. The blades also are carbon weave, which is ideal for the lightest weight to strength ratio while a dihedral design and ribless back provides smooth strokes. A hallmark of Werner's touring line, the paddle is intended for all-day paddling with maximum comfort and minimal effort. Next time you go kayaking, give the Werner Kalliste Low-Angle Paddle a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised at its level of comfort and smooth easy stroke.

Werner Paddles Kalliste Paddle Key Features

  • The paddle is kept at a low angle relative to the water and a relaxed arching stroke is used
  • Mid-sized blades fit the widest range of kayakers
  • Carbon weave for lightest weight to strength ratio
  • Ribless back for smooth sculling strokes
  • Smooth forward stroke reduces fatigue
  • Lighter, buoyant feel on the water
  • Dihedral for smooth forward strokes

Werner Paddles Kalliste Paddle Specifications

Surface Area(Blade) 650 sq cm
Blade Length 52 cm
Blade Width 16 cm