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100% UV Protection

Solar radiation is formed by visible and invisible light waves. Measured in nanometers, it has three wave lengths that reach and affect your eyes: Ultraviolet, Visible LIghts, and Infrared Radiation.

The shorter the wavelength, the more damaging to your eyes.

Ultraviolet Radiation (200-380 nm)
Studies show that long term exposure to UV rays may cause eye diseases, including cataracts. In addition, short-term exposure can cause temporary conditions such as "snow blindness". Ultraviolet radiation can be divided into three categories.

UVC (200 - 290 nm)
UVC rays are carcinogenic and usually absorbed by the earth's atmosphere to never reach your eyes. However, with today's depleting ozone layer you can never be too safe, especially in the Southern Hemisphere.

UVB (290 - 320 nm)
UVB is usually a physically painful form of ultraviolet radiation. These are the sun's "tanning rays" which are absorbed by the cornea. Exposure to UVB can temporarily damage the cornea.

UVA (320 - 380 nm)
UVA rays are absorbed by the lens of your eye. The resulting damage heals slowly, if at all. About one percent of all UVA rays penetrate the retina, which cannot repair itself.

All Smith Lenses provide 100% protection from dangerous UVA/B/C rays.