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Boy Scouts Tents

There are a lot of options for tents. You can go to a big box store and get one for relatively little money. But as is usually the case, you get what you pay for. A cheap tent and a good quality tent may look similar side-by-side but its the details that will keep you dry when the rain is coming down. Tents usually will not leak through the body, the water finds an easy access point at the seams where the fabric is bonded together. A good quality tent will have seam tape heat welded over the seams. It will literally look like there is a piece of tape over the seams, only it is an ultra strong seal that keeps water out. A cheap tent will have a water proof spray applied to the seams that will lose its ability to keep water out after the tent has been set up a few times. A good quality tent such as the ones you will find below will keep you dry and will last much longer than a tent from a big box store. Its worth the extra dollars to ensure your scouts comfort at night.

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