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G-Form X-Protect iPhone Case

G-Form X-Protect iPhone Case

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The G-Form X-Protect iPhone Case is like light armor for your iPhone 4/4S--extreme impact protection that allows for high agility and dexterity skills for ultimate adventuring. Less weight and bulk than traditional protective cases, the X-Protect is composed of Reactive Protection Technology (RPT™): a composite blend of Poron® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology. All proficient armor consists of dual-layer technology and this G-Form case is no different as it combines a super tough exterior shell with the inner RPT™ core that extrudes through the shell in a slick cross hatch design for 360 degree protection. As your phone battles with the ground or sudden, jarring impacts the X-Protect stiffens momentarily to absorb over 90% of the critical hit and then returns to its flexible state during cool down. However, be wary on your adventures and steer clear of bodies of water and toilets as the X-Protect does not offer any bonuses to water resistance. For your next quest, don't forget to slip on the G-Form X-Protect iPhone Case before heading out into the dangers of everyday iPhone use or for more extreme outdoor adventures.

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G-Form iPad Case from 100,000 ft

G-Form protected ipad survives fall from 100,000 ft