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Onewheel Pint Electric Skateboard

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Our Price: $950.00

Color: Slate

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Item # 810019790522 :: 4 available.
Expected To Ship on 10/21/2019

Only available for store pickup or local delivery

Onewheel’s smallest release to date, the Onewheel Pint measures in at just 27 inches long, which makes it the ideal fit for your daily life. You can easily take it on the bus or train, set it down next to you at the coffee shop or stash it under your desk at work. Wherever you go, the Onewheel Pint will be by your side and ready and waiting for some pavement adventures. It has been outfitted with an integrated Maghandle, which makes this fun-sized stoke machine as portable and easy to carry as it gets. This first class electric steed boasts a Lightbar which has been integrated into the front footpad for sense pad indication, battery monitoring and in-ride alerts – and, needless to say, it makes the Pint pretty awesome.

Like its predecessors, the Onewheel Pint is an electric skateboard with as many wheels as its name might suggest, a chunky 10.5-inch (26.7-cm) disc wrapped in rubber smack bang in the center. The foot platform self-balances around this wheel on the fly with the help of algorithms, while the user simply leans forward to accelerate and leans back to slow down or eventually stop. Powered by a 750-W hub motor, the Onewheel Pint can reach a top speed of 16 mph (26 km/h) and cover up to eight mi (13 km) on each charge, while 120 minutes of plug-in time should bring the battery back to full capacity. Riders can fine-tune how the board handles through a feature called Digital Shaping on the companion smartphone app, which also displays handy information like battery status and the location of Onewheel riders that happen to be nearby.

Firsts for the new Onewheel model include a fold-out carry handle to lug the 23-lb (10.4-kg) up stairs or onto a bus, the addition of an LED strip on the board to indicate battery status and in-ride alerts, and Future Motion calls Simplestop technology that enables new riders to learn to ride quickly and feel confident. There is more to OneWheel Pint than one big wheel in the center. It is highly integrated piece of high tech machinery with more to it than first meets the eye.

Key Features

  • Hypercore Brushless Motor
  • No remote (Lean to go)
  • Top Speed: 16 mph / 26 kph
  • Simplestop dismount technology
  • Integrated Maghandle
  • Intelligent LED Lights
  • Range: 6-8 mi / 10-13 km Range
  • App Gives you even more control


What's in the box - Pint, Pint Home Charger, Dark Gray Maghandle

Onewheel Pint

Onewheel Pint Features