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Onewheel + Electric Skateboard

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Updated and better than ever, the Onewheel+ Electric Skateboard features a newly redesigned motor with breakthrough, patented Hypercore technology that provides even smoother, quieter riding, more torque at all speeds, better hill climbing and higher top speeds up to 19 MPH!

The Onewheel+ Electric Skateboard was inspired by the feeling of snowboarding on powder, this 2 horsepower beast turns pavement and trails into your playground. Onewheel's dynamic stabilization creates lean-to-go control and allows you to carve silky smooth heel and toe turns on and off road.

Onewheel started with a vision of the future--one where fast, fun, electric transportation makes getting around our cities a joy. Then they spent a ton of time putting together the best technologies they could buy and inventing the ones they couldn't. Riding OneWheel plus is like surfing or snowboarding -- no ocean or mountain required. It gives you that sublime feeling of snowboarding on a fresh powder day. Or that rush when you surf the perfect wave. Except you can do it any day, anywhere. Get some flat ground and start riding.

Also new for Onewheel+, Surestance footpads combine CNC machined hardwood tip and tail kick with 100% sensor coverage making it easier to learn and more comfortable to ride. New Digital Shaping 2.0 offers advanced customization, enabling riders to select different ride feel and performance characteristics from the Onewheel app.

Most people can learn to ride Onewheel Plus in a couple minutes even if they're not used to board sports. That's because controlling a Onewheel + is so intuitive. Powerful sensors and sophisticated algorithms are constantly helping you balance and control your ride with just the forward or backward lean of your body. People with experience with other boardsports are often ready to ride aggressively within their first few minutes on Onewheel. The Onewheel+ is also surprisingly fast. It used to only travel at speeds up to 12 miles per hour — which still feels pretty zippy when you're riding around on only one wheel — but thanks to the ability to update the board's firmware through the Onewheel app, it can now hit 19 miles per hour! The Onewheel app is your hub for checking the battery life and fine-tuning the feel of your ride. Onewheel refers to these customization settings as "digital shaping," and the various settings such as "Classic" and "Extreme" tweak various speed settings to alter the feel of the ride.

How far can you go?
The One Wheel Plus Electric Skateboard has a 5 to 7 Mile range and can recharge withe the included Ultracharger in just 20 minutes! And the best part? You don’t have to wait around to get your hands on this magical contraption. Travel Country is proud to offer you the futuristic Onewheel Electric Skateboard today.

Key Features

  • Brushless Hub Motor - New Hypercore motor technology provides incredibly smooth power and torque to climb over anything.
  • Intelligent LED Lights - Bright LED headlights and taillights automatically reverse when you switch direction.
  • 5-7 MI / 8-11 KM Range - Room to roam around your city, trails or wherever your journey may take you.
  • 20 Min Full Recharge - The Ultracharger gets you out for another session in just 20 minutes.
  • Intuitive Control - Lean forward to go, back to slow down, it’s that easy.
  • Lithium Batteries - Safe LiFePo4 batteries last for years of everyday use with no decrease in range.
  • Connect to the App - iPhone, Watch and Android apps let you tune your Onewheel ride with Digital Shaping.
  • 19 MPH / 30 KPH Top Speed - Uphill or downhill, Onewheel provides incredibly smooth, controllable power.


MOTOR 750W Hypercore® hub motor
BATTERY Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) 48V
TIRE 11.5×6.5-6 Vega
MAX LEAN ANGLE >30 degrees
DIMENSIONS 9×11.5×30 (IN) / 23x29.21x72.6 (CM)
WEIGHT 25 LB / 11 KG
RECHARGE TIME 20 mins (FY5803500 charger)