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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme

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The Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme lets you bring a solar battery charger with a built in battery on your next adventure to keep all your electronics up and running while off the grid. From the heart of the Amazon to an African safari, the Powermonkey Extreme portable solar charger has proved to be an invaluable piece of equipment for providing essential power in the most remote locations. Specifically designed for the outdoor environment, this solar chargeed battery is powerful, portable, tough and waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 metre of water! The powermonkey extreme houses a massive 9000mAh capacity Lithium Polymer battery and offers users real power in a compact, durable shell. The unit is capable of recharging most 5V devices, including an iPhone up to 6 times, a Garmin Edge 800 up to 6 times and standard mobiles up to 12 times. In the PowerTraveller Power Monkey Extreme, the solar panels are combined with a removable battery charger. The Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme 's battery can be charged directly from the grid, via a USB PC link or with the included solar panels when away from the plugs. And it comes with international plug adapters as well as a host of adapters to allow discharge of the battery to MP3 players, phones and other devices. You can even use the solar panel to charge the Powermonkey Extreme while it recharges your mobile device at the same time! Talk about efficiency. The Powermonkey Extreme’s battery has an LCD screen which displays the battery level and also a working status (on, off, recharging) and it looks pretty cool with the blue light and all. Most importantly the solar panels have velcro securing strap so you can easily walk with this unit soaking up the rays. It can even be hung from a window, left in a car or taken anywhere the sun shines! Ultra compact, tough, powerful the Powermonkey Extreme can take whatever life throws at it, yet it remains the most powerful, most versatile portable charger available today. With a power grid scarce to non-existent in some locations, the Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme lets you harness the suns power to keep your essential gadgets fully charged and ready to go.

Key Features

  • Designed with feedback from outdoor and adventure travel users, Powermonkey Extreme houses a 9,000mAh-capacity lithium polymer battery that can charge most 5V devices
  • 2 output channels: up to 700mAh via USB and up to 2.1 amps via DC port; auto shut-off function turns the charger off after a device has been fully charged for 2 min.
  • LCD screen displays battery level and on/off status; single-touch friction swipe control ensures that the charger can only be turned on once it's connected to a device
  • 3-watt solar panel provides a full charge within 15 hrs. in direct sunlight; maximum power point tracker allows the solar panel to charge the battery in low light
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Reverse discharge current protection
  • The powermonkey extreme has two output channels; one channel outputs 700mAh max (standard USB) whilst the DC port outputs 2.1Amps max to support the Apple iPad (iPad compatible cable included) and other 5v tablet computers (not suitable for 12v or 19v tablets). It's worth noting that the iPad can be charged directly from the standard USB socket but will charge faster when using the supplied cable via the DC out port. You can also hook it up to the Samsung Galaxy Tab using one of our Powertraveller Galaxy Tab Cables and then plugging your Samsung Tab cable into that!
  • The rugged, clam-shell design solar panel offers 3 Watt max output, allowing full recharge of the powermonkey extreme within 15 hours in optimum light conditions. The powermonkey extreme also has a solar energy detection feature which activates the incorporated state-of-the-art MPPT (maximum power point tracker) technology, allowing the solar panel to charge the powermonkey unit more efficiently in low light conditions. Users can also simultaneously use the solar panel to charge the powermonkey extreme whilst it is charging their device.
  • The Polysilicon solar panel offers photovoltaic efficiency up to 17% and features a USB output, fully supporting Apple iPhone/iPod, mobile phones and other 5V gadgets such as portable games consoles, handheld GPS systems, etc. The solar panel can fully charge the powermonkey extreme in approx 15 hours.
  • iPhone® 5 can be charged with a USB adapter (not included; available for purchase from Apple)
  • Perfect for outdoor and marine use, rugged housing is shock resistant and waterproof for up to 30 min. at a depth of 3 ft.
  • Powermonkey Extreme recharges in 3 ways: via universal wall adapter, the solar panel or USB; solar panel can charge the battery while it's charging a device at the same time
  • Charges many other portable devices, iPod, iPhone and iPad products using the USB sync/charge cable supplied by Apple. Tips inlcuded for the latest BlackBerry, Garmin, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nintendo, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Mini USB, Micro USB and female USB DC cable for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad, DC4.0 for PSP, e-readers and some digital cameras.
  • Overload protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • The powermonkey extreme can be recharged in three ways; via the universal mains charger, via the solar panel or via USB. Whilst the unit is recharging, the LCD screen will be red, once fully charged, the screen will turn green. When the unit is in use, the screen will be blue!
  • The solar panel can be attached to tents or rucksacks via the included Velcro strap, so is perfect for hiking and is designed to take the knocks and spills of both the power hungry adventurer and the busy traveller.
  • The powermonkey extreme unit weighs 242g and measures 152 x 59.5 x 28mm, whilst the solar panel weighs 214g, measures 171 x 90 mm and is 18mm deep when folded. The unit has a very low static wastage (meaning you can leave it for up to 1 year and it will still hold 75% of its charge) and includes a whole host of safety features to give you total peace of mind. The powermonkey extreme comes complete with a useful, durable zipped travel case and is available in four striking colours


Kit Contains powermonkey extreme battery unit
Kit Contains solar panel
Kit Contains Universal mains charger including interchangeable heads for UK USA EUROPE & AUS
Kit Contains 8 mobile device tips (monkeynuts)
Kit Contains Black travel pouch Velcro strap durable zipped travel case
Input 5V 0.5A-3A
Output USB port: 5V 700MAh ad DC port 2.1A solar panel output 3 watts
Battery Chemical Lithium Polymer
Energy 33.3 WH
Static power waste <50 µA
Total weight 460g
You Can Charge iPad/Tablet 1-2 times
You Can Charge iPhone/Smartphone 4-6 times
You Can Charge GPS systems 4-6 times
You Can Charge Mobile Phone 8-12 times